Promote Education

The key to breaking cycles of poverty & advancing a country as a whole lies in the education of youth. We believe our work to promote quality education, increase primary school completion rates, and enhance the learning environment are essential in a country that its  youth are 75% of the  population, where just majority of youth are enrolled in secondary school and above.

Education creates opportunities. Children who attend school have better prospects of finding a job, are aware of health risks and can make wise decisions concerning their lives. But many people in the country of Somalia live in extreme poverty, forcing children to earn money to help support their families. 

We Strongly Believe that every individual in the community has the right to learn and Future Youth Association works hand-in-hand with the government, parents, and schools in an effort to improve the quality of education:


  • Supporting Schools to become “Good Schools” which means having qualified & motivated teachers, a conducive & non-violent learning environment, and a responsive and progressive administration
  • Advocacy & Support for marginalized Girls
  • Developing a School Information Management System to monitor attendance
  • Promoting Counseling and Guidance programs
  • Advocating for Positive Discipline instead of Corporal Punishments
  • Organizing School Debates
  • Sensitizing Parents and Teachers on the Importance of Education through school out reaches, Radio Talk Shows and Community Dialogues
  • Engaging Government Officials and Ministries
  • Providing Effective Worshops
  • Counselling To the students
  • Facilitating Scholarship Opportunities for higher education to the most  needy students